As an instructor in Sociology, I believe that it is my responsibility to ensure that students have an opportunity to learn and be motivated to learn in a safe and respectful environment. As part of this, I ensure that I clearly convey expectations, am enthusiastic about the subject matter, and be conscientious in assessing my teaching ability and student learning. My students leave the classroom being able to understand the basic principles of sociology and identify sociological ways of thinking, which aids in the creation of critical thinkers. My goal is for students to understand how sociological theories interact with their personal beliefs. It is a responsibility to ensure that students are able to explore ideas in a safe environment. Overall, the most important aspects of teaching are being ever evolving, flexible, and to have a commitment to my students.


"Most Valuable Professor"
University of Pittsburgh

Featured at a Gymnastics meet as an instructor that has had a positive impact on  several student athletes during their tenure at Pitt.


Introduction to Sociology
University of Pittsburgh

"Ms. Robinson gave engaging, fun examples of sociological phenomenon. They gave the class the tools to conceptualize complex concepts. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I was impressed by Professor Robinson's passion for her work and her ability to relay complex concepts. Happy to say that this class has made me consider a sociology minor, and I am now registered for two more sociology classes in the spring"

-Fall 2017 Introduction to Sociology Student


Social Theory
University of Pittsburgh

"The enthusiasm and upbeat lectures kept the class interesting despite it being held at 9am. The class activities were enjoyable and encouraged in depth discussion"

-Summer 2017 Social Theory Student


Basic Applied Statistics; Societies
University of Pittsburgh

I liked how Candice genuinely wanted us all to succeed in stats, and I always felt comfortable asking her questions, which is something that I really value in an instructor.

-Spring 2018 Basic Applied Statistics Student

There was a lot of good connection of the material to current events. Each recitation had a clear goal and all recitations used time wisely. You made it very enjoyable and I thank you for your effort to keep things interesting at eight am.

-Fall 2016 Societies Recitation Student

Social Sciences Group Leader
UNCF Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship (Emory University)


Gender and Society; Introduction to Sociology; Introduction to Sociology (Online); Social Problem; TA Orientation Leader
University of Iowa


“Black Professionals in Movements”
Feminist Inquiry
University of Pittsburgh

Political Sociology
University of Pittsburgh

Education and Schooling
University of Iowa

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.